Air Purifier Tower Fan MC710S

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  • Dual-Motor Design: Independent cooling and air purification for efficient performance.
  • Ultra-fast Far-reaching Airflow: Dual motors deliver rapid 27ft/s airflow up to 40ft for whole-room coverage.
  • Dual-filtration System: H13 True HEPA Filters 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 μm., while the Pre-filter traps large particles and extends the main filter lifespan.
  • Multiple Oscillation Modes: Choose from symmetric (0 to 120˚), asymmetric (custom range), or targeted airflow (direct within a 120˚ range).
  • Smart Control: DREO app allows remote access to room temperature and air quality, customization, and scheduling.
  • Quiet Intelligent Sleep: Sleep mode adjusts fanspeed to balance comfort and quietness, while the Brushless DC motor brings noise down to only 25dB.

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Power Supply: 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Source: DC

Rated Power: 50 W

Max Wind Speed: 27ft/s

Max Wind Distance: 40ft

HEPA Fiteration: 99.97% capture of 0.3μm particles

Noise Level: 25dB

Dimensions: 11.02'D x 11.02'W x 46.46'H

Weight: 17.82 lb / 8.1 kg

What's in the box

1x Air Purifier Tower Fan

1x HEPA Filter

1x Remote Control


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Really Large but Really Powerful

I got this filter/fan combo for my teen son's room. It tends to get hotter in his room, and in addition to the fan helping cool his room down a little, this also helps with the teenage athlete smell as the air is constantly running through a filter as well - it has really, noticeably helped with that. The two motors are genius, so the fan can run independently from the filter, allowing my son to run the fan at a quieter level during sleep time. Overall, this unit is pretty quiet, but it's not silent. I was shocked at the size - I expected something maybe half the size - this is a very large unit. To me, it looks like one of those outdoor heaters, but fortunately cools instead (we're in Florida). It also has a very cool looking, useful control panel.

Another amazing Dreo product

This Dreo air purifier/fan is large and in charge. It's build quality is perfection and the style is superb. I really like how you can see the horizontal fan blade move thru the case. It works awesome, has so many built in features. Dreo has finally added back light to their buttons so you can see in the dark without the remote. It shows filter life, air quality, speeds, temperature, timers and all the things a fan should have. Dreo just makes super fans and this latest iteration is fantastic in it's style and performance.

I'm very surprised

As the title says, I'm very surprised by this item. From the original images, I expected a smaller item, but when it came in the mail, all I got was a massive box. When seeing the item itself I was beyond shocked. Turning on the item, I was presented with a silent air hitting me. It wasn't until I was messing around with the buttons on the controller, I saw I can have the humidifier move completely 180 back and forth. The screen and LED lights show the air quality of your home/apt. This would work more in a bigger room, like the livingroom like environment. It feels nice knowing this will cut down on any dust/dander/hair cleaning around the livingroom/diningroom area.

Jody Girl FL
More Than Just A Fan!!

This is one really fantastic fan - plain and simple! I was a bit skeptical about it given the price. But after using it now for nearly a month, I'm convinced - and hooked - on using this 21st-century air mover. I wouldn't even put this in the same class as other fans. It not only moves air to cool you down, but it also removes pollen, cat dander, and any dust in the room. Using it in my bedroom in the back of my home, it helps the air conditioner cool the home with better circulation and also helps me sleep at night. When I pulled it out of the massive box it arrived in the first thing I noticed was how big it was compared to any other fan I have owned. It didn't even LOOK like a fan - more like something you would expect in one of the Star Trek spaceship warp drives. It stands at 45" tall, and I had to maneuver it around to get it in the right position in my rather small-ish bedroom. but once I set it up, and paired it with my W-Fi network - Wow! The air was cooler and cleaner than ever before. You get three different ways to control it. There is a touch-sensitive fan control on top, good for quick things like turning it on, re-pairing with the network, and increasing or decreasing the fan's speed. There is also a TV-like controller that gives you some additional functionality. But the best of all is the DREO APP for your phone. Using the APP opens up a wealth of information and features that truly unlock this marvelous device's power. Entering the APP the first panel shows you the current status of your fan - Speed settings, Air Quality, Room Temperature, and filter life. It shows you the schedule - yes, you can set the DREO up to turn on and off at different times of the day, configurable for each day on the calendar. There is a setting sub-menu that allows you to configure the network, share the device with others over the 'Net, gives you access to the complete USRE MANUAL, which is excellent, and allows you to configure Voice Control through ALEXA or GOOGLE Assistant. Returning to the Main Menu, when you push the ON/OFF icon panel that also details speed level, you go to a panel that is the heart of the control system. Here you can turn the Purification and Fan On or Off, choose a purification level from 1 to 3, and select NORMAl, AUTO, or SLEEP fan mode. You can use the sliding switch to increase or decrease the fan speed from 1-12. There is a control for oscillation, which will start the fan rotating from 3-120 degrees based on what you select. The preferences for Display brightness, Panel sound, Childproof lock, Display UNIT, Temperature display either Fahrenheit or Centigrade and Oscillation Calibration are all done here. I have set up a schedule to start SLEEP mode at 9 PM every night, and by running the DREO I have had the best night's sleep I have had in years. The fan is NOT noisy, but it's soothing. I have two cats who absolutely love it, and both have gotten into the habit of joining me in the bedroom and not running around the house getting into trouble. More than likely the low 25dB sound masks any outside noise for both the human and feline occupants of our home, and the "White Noise" of the DREO is soothing enough to keep me in a deeper sleep than I normally get. OVERALL - My most recent electric bill was much lower, and the AC did not kick on as much. That in itself is worth every penny spent on this truly Ground-breaking device. KEEPER!

Artinna Fontenot- McZeal
Dreo purifier fan

The best purifier smart fan I have ever used. The remote control is really great. It also has an app you can control from your phone. I definitely recommend this product.