Pilot Max S Smart Tower Fan

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  • Smart WiFi,voice control
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • 12 speeds, 12h on/off timer
  • Adjustable oscillation angles (30°/60°/90°/120°)
  • 4 modes (Normal, Standard, Sleep, Auto)
  • 25dB ultra-quiet performance
  • Easy assembly, no tools needed

Unrivalled Coolness. Beyond Quietness.

Unrivalled Coolness. Beyond Quietness.

The Mightiest Fan Just Got Smarter

Powered by the Dreo App and your favorite smart assistant, take convenience to the next level.

The Mightiest Fan Just Got Smarter

The Art of Comfort

Unwind your mind. Comfort meets style with Pilot Max's perfect union of elegant simplicity and timeless luxury.

The Art of Comfort

Into the World of Wind

Experience the ultimate cooling as you immerse yourself in a world of mind-blowing winds.

Into the World of Wind
More Silent Than Ever First of Its Kind

More Silent Than Ever First of Its Kind

All-new brushless DC motor delivers comfort as quiet as 25 dB*, ensuring peace of mind.

40% Quieter than other fans.*

*Tested under internal laboratory conditions at lowest speed setting.

For Every Moment of Your Life

With 4 modes, 12 speeds, and more useful features, the Pilot Max always fits your cooling needs whenever you need it.

With 4 modes
12 speeds
more useful features

Ambient Intelligence

Pilot Max adapts its fan speed to ambient temperature, saving extra energy and sparing manual settings at the same time.*

*This feature is available in Auto mode.

Ambient Intelligence

The Mightier. The Quieter.

Experience an unprecedented cooling experience with unheard levels of quietness.

The Mightier. The Quieter.


Power Supply: 120V-240V, 50-60Hz

Power Source: AC

Rated Power: 42W

Noise Level: 25-48 dB

Dimensions: 12.76 x 12.76 x 42.52 in / 32.41 x 32.41 x 108 cm

Weight: 10.12 lb / 4.6 kg

What's in the box

1x Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan

1x Front Base Half

1x Rear Base Half

1x Power Adapter

1x Remote Control

1x CR2025 Lithium Battery


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Well thought of......

Great fan, I have two of these in. My house, I will be getting another. I like the natural setting in the app. Very good plus I never use the remote always my phone to set the fan. As I have dogs at home while I'm at work, if it gets worm - I love the idea I can set the fan speed for them so I know they will be chilled and I can see the room temperature on the app. If your thinking of getting one of these fans. Get it - you won't regret it.

Carol Harrison
Great fan, but…

This is a quiet and streamlined-looking fan, which I expected from the reviews. Easy/fast to assemble, too.

The various functions it has are great, BUT a very important one, the angle/sweep of the oscillating function can ONLY be performed by downloading the app to your smart phone.

The product descriptions for the Dreo fans state you may download the app to control fan, but not that you must in order to adjust between the 30/60/90/120 degree sweep capabilities.

Why on earth would they make it that the user can control everything else by using the remote provided and the tower panel - but not this oscillation function?

Design flaw IMHO.

J Barksdale
A blow hard fan

Very easy to setup and get connected to Alexa. From 10' away with the fan set at 3 there was a gentle breeze and the fan was completely silent. I think it will work very well to move air this coming summer.

John Nguyen
Smart DC Brushless Tower Fan- Everything you want and more!

If you want a smart fan with Brushless Dc Motor that saves you money on energy cost, then look no further!

First, this tower fan have a Brushless Dc Motor which mean less energy consumption, less noise (db 25 max) and last much longer than a brushed motor(no brushed contact commutator which wears out).

The Brushless Dc Motor mean less frictions on the motor which translate to less energy wasted as the motor spins. Less energy wasted means less heat inside your home. Since there is less friction, there is less noise. Perfect for sleeping.

In the hot summer, you have want to have powerful and quiet air circulating in your house. If you have A/C you can combine the two and allow both of them to lower your energy cost. The fan will circulate the air evenly throughout the room.

The smart feature allows you to control the fan through dreo Apps. You can change the speed, timer and degree of oscillation!

What set this apart is that the fan have temperature setting mode. This mean you can have the fan go faster or slower based on the current temperature.

You can also set the timer for when the fan should shut off automatically.
Perfect for those sleeping and don't want to wake up to turn off the fan.

Also, you can turn off the screen light and zero beeping sound if you desire. Perfect for those sleeping.

This fan is powerful and yet quiet at the same time. The only noise would be the powerful wind noise!

For those who likes to have a remote, this Tower Fan comes with that as well.

This smart fan will last you decades with so many smart features.

Mykell Wright

I love the color, the quality, the features and everything about this fan. Love it!!